Mother’s Day Gifts Guys Will Like Too

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Mom Gifts

Some moms don’t deserve Mother’s Day gifts — but yours hopefully isn’t one of them. That’s why you stress about what to get her every year. But what do you give the woman who doesn’t really need anything and always instructs you to get her nothing? The answer: A cool and useful gift that she’ll enjoy, but that you can also use when you visit. Selfish? A little. But we won’t tell her if you don’t.

Recipe Glass Cocktail Shaker ($20 @
Some cocktail shakers look like urns, and you don’t want to remind your mom that she’s moved one Mother’s Day closer to her last. This 1940s-inspired shaker is made from hand-blown glass and can make up to three drinks (30 oz.). And if Mom has a cabinet filled with booze but your no Sam Malone behind the bar, the ingredients and instructions for popular drinks like Manhattans, martinis, and gilmets are posted on the side. Mom GiftsMolecular Gastronomy Kit ($60)
Watching your mom create those hockey puck-sized burgers with green onions jutting out the sides most likely isn’t a childhood highlight — but this gift can change the way you view her — and your — cooking skills. Each kit contains all you need to turn the kitchen into a food lab: An instructional DVD with 50 recipes will help you two morph textures of juices, dressings, and sauces into liquids, and substances like honey into cubes and chocolate into spaghetti strands. It’s a cool activity to do with your mom, and a skill you can take with you to impress women later on.