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Office Clothes Cool Enough For Going Out

Impress both the boss and the ladies with these super versatile duds you can wear just about anywhere.


Chances are you change your clothes when you go to the gym and when you go to bed. That’s already an exhausting amount of clothes-changing. So in an ideal world, you wouldn’t need to worry about switching out tired office attire for duds that are more casual, more stylish, and more appropriate for a bar or restaurant.

In other words, you want comfortable clothes that impress the boss just as much as the ladies — and we’ve got you covered with several staples that you can wear pretty much anywhere. (Plus, when ModernMan.com readers enter the code “BETTERFIT” at bonobos.com, they’ll get 20 percent off their orders!)

Bonobos Navy V-Neck Sweater With Grey Tipping ($248)
You may not own anything made of cashmere, but you’ve surely heard women ooh and ah over how soft and cozy the fabric is. But as a dude, you’ll simply react … well, the exact same way. This navy v-neck works great over button-downs, t-shirts, or dickeys, and … actually, never mind about the dickeys. Point is, it looks great at the office or at the bar, it’s incredibly comfortable, and it will make women ooh and ah and want to touch you.

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