Our 11 Favorite Stories Of 2011

Video: How To Drink At Work (Without Getting Fired) Watch how one editor got his boss to order him to drink … repeatedly. Mickey Rourke: “I Think Most Actresses Are C*nts With a Capital K” We spoke with the legendary actor and star of Immortals about ancient Greek porn, motorcycles, and going to heaven. What Her Underwear Style Says About Her Style In Bed She’s almost naked — congratulations! Before you go any further, take a cue from her underwear to figure out what she’s in the mood for that night. The Osama Bin Laden Death Celebration Picture Game Can you tell which of these photos were taken at the celebration outside the White House of Osama bin Laden’s death, and which weren’t? 6 Hangover Cures Guys Should Know Actual hangovers are nowhere near as entertaining as they are in The Hangover 2. So battle them with these 6 scientifically proven techniques. Superhero Posters Classy Enough For Adults You can now decorate your pad with amazing superhero posters — without looking like you still sleep in Spidey jammies. Awful Things That Happened on Valentine's Day February 14th is traditionally marked by fancy dinners, gifts, and derivative ensemble dramedies. But should we really be celebrating Valentine’s Day? 5 Myths About Your Penis You may think you know your penis like the palm of your hand, but you probably believe at least one of these myths about it. Funny Commercials For Bad Products We'd probably be better off if these awful products didn't exist. But their unintentionally hilarious commercials have made the world a much better place. Women's Fashion We'd Like To See Banned We don’t support France’s recent ban on burqas. But we would support the U.S. of A. banning some of the ridiculous things women here wear. 12 Hilarious Old Baseball Cards From pornographic names to subtle vulgarity to tragic unibrows, these old baseball cards remind us of why we used to collect them.