Our 13 Favorite Stories of 2013

We were shocked to learn that in 2013 we served up some halfway decent info on women, gear, grooming, and other stuff you want to know about.

By ModernMan Editors

13 American Wars In 100 Words Or Less13 American War In 100 Words or Less

We’ve listed America’s major wars in rapid-fire format to remind you how our nation secured and continues to maintain its freedom. USA! USA! USA!

Why She’s Not Having Sex With You | ModernMan.com Why She’s Not Sleeping With You
Whether you’ve just started dating or you’ve been together for years, read this to find out why she suddenly stopped sleeping with you.

13 Cartoon Theme Songs That Will Get Stuck In Your Head | ModernMan.com13 Cartoon Theme Songs That Will Get Stuck In Your Head
Remember all the cartoon theme songs you’d hum over and over to yourself as a kid? Yeah, get ready to do that again.

10 Frustrating Movie Endings Explained | ModernMan.com 10 Frustrating Movie Endings Explained
Some confusing movie endings are, well, confusing. But others actually do wrap things up, even if it’s nearly impossible to figure out how.

A Classy Shuffleboard Table For You Pad | ModernMan.comA Classy Shuffleboard Table For You Pad
Instead of playing shuffleboard with drunk idiots out at a bar, why not play on an eye-catching handmade table at your own home (with drunk idiots)?

What's The Best Way To Keep Your Balls Dry? | ModernMan.comWhat’s The Best Way To Keep Your Balls Dry?
Which drugstore product does the best job of preventing your crotch from getting swamped? One intrepid writer tested a bunch to find out.

10 Yoga Poses That'll Make A Man Out Of You | ModernMan.comWho Knew Yoga Could Be So Manly?
Turn your body into a deadly weapon. Get in touch with you inner skunk. And air-dry your sweaty family jewels with these 10 yoga poses.

Why-You-Should-Date-a-Cat-Lady-1505 Reasons Why You Should Date A Cat Lady
We asked a cat lady to tell us why cat ladies make great girlfriends — and shockingly, she did it without making a single pussy joke.

Quiz: Guess The Goofy Action-Movie Plot | ModernMan.comQuiz: Guess The Goofy Action-Movie Plot
Singing thieves, karate-expert Cajun sailors, and heroic truck drivers fighting sorcerers in sewers — if any of that sounds familiar, you’ll nail this quiz.

Video: Which Body Part Hurts Most to Wax? (SFW) | ModernMan.comVideo: Which Body Part Hurts Most to Wax? (SFW)
Male waxing is on the rise. So one of our editors waxed pretty much his whole body to see which areas were the most painful — and we filmed it.

An Arcade Game That Dispenses BeerAn Arcade Game That Dispenses Beer
Screw tickets, bragging rights, and feelings of accomplishment — if you win The Last Barfighter arcade game, it rewards you with beer.

11 Changes to the New Kool-Aid Man | ModernMan.com11 Changes To The New Kool-Aid Man
The Kool-Aid Man has gotten a makeover, but there’s more to his transformation than meets the eye. Which is plenty, since he no longer wears clothes.

Why We Peed Our Pants at The Office | ModernMan.comWhy We Peed Our Pants At The Office
We made an editor put Depends Guards for Men to the ultimate test … and then some. Sorry about the ruined underwear, buddy.

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