Photos: 16 Hilarious News Fails

Cheating politicians, athletes sexting, and Justin Bieber doing just about anything — news outlets salivate to air mishaps. So let’s celebrate their screw-ups.

By ModernMan Editors

Getting your news delivered via the TV  is easy. Getting accurate news from the tube? Not so much. Fox News was, for the third consecutive year, voted both the most and least trusted news source in a Public Policy Polling poll. MSNBC was found to be the most opinionated news network, according to a Pew Study. And CNN’s ratings are tanking so hard they’ll need to start doing the news naked to get people to tune in.

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So we can’t trust cable news, and we refuse to forget the countless times local news reports have screwed us out of dry clothes with inaccurate weather reports and steered us into traffic jams with shoddy traffic updates. For those times, and because we’re suckers for hilarious pictures of people failing and generally behaving like goons, we’re proud to present 16 hilarious news fails … 

hilarious news fails photos

We imagine the accompanying dialogue being as clever as: “Be careful driving — especially when rounding those curves!”

hilarious news fails c word

The cameraman is either a heartless prick or has the best sense of humor ever for not telling her to take a step to her right or left. We’re going with the latter.

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