Political Campaign Ads You Won’t Believe Are Real

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis play two congressional candidates attempting to woo the North Carolina electorate in the comedy, The Campaign. In the film, the candidates do and say outrageous things to appeal to voters. It's a little like real politicians, actually, as demonstrated by this collection of incredible campaign ads. Whether you lean left, right, or do the f*cking political hokey pokey, there's no denying these ads filled with George Lucas-quality production value and fiery rhetoric to missing kidneys and a shout-out to Never Nudes are …  unique.  THE CANDIDATE FOR … PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BE MORE FREE-ER THE CANDIDATE FOR … FANS OF WHAM! THE CANDIDATE FOR … PEOPLE WHO WANT TO AVOID A CHUCK NORRIS ROUNDHOUSE TO THE GROIN. THE CANDIDATE FOR … NEVER NUDES THE CANDIDATE FOR … PEOPLE WHO HATE ACCENTS THE CANDIDATE FOR … MEMBERS OF THE REBEL ALLIANCE THE CANDIDATE FOR … CITIZENS WHO GIVE A RIP THE BEST CANDIDATE FOR … PEOPLE WHO GIVE OUT PENNIES ON HALLOWEEN THE BEST CANDIDATE FOR … PEOPLE WHO ENJOY HAVING BOTH KIDNEYS THE CANDIDATE FOR … JOHN RAMBO