10 Unforgettable Haircuts From Movies

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hairstyles for men from movies thor 4. THOR | THOR Warriors who shave their heads may look outwardly tough, but their posturing rings false. No, a TRUE badass struts onto the battlefield looking like he just stepped out of a salon – long, languid blonde locks streaming behind him like a vapor trail. Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s the temperate climate of Vanaheim. Also: Awful hairstyles for balding men

popular-hairstyles-for-men-from-movies cooper 5. RICHIE DIMASO | AMERICAN HUSTLE It takes a secure man to rock a perm so small and tight it can produce diamonds, and an even more secure man to go out and buy (much less use) the teeny-tiny curlers required to craft such a majestic ‘do. It was cool in 1978. It would be mind-boggling today. Either way, it’s a win. Also: Consider these haircuts if you enjoy getting laid