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These Might Be The Most Durable Glass Bottles Ever

Pure Glass Bottles aren’t unbreakable, but they’re fitted with an adhesive sleeve that won’t shatter or spill your vodka, er, water if they break.


Thinking that glass is unbreakable would make you a nitwit. So if you try to break Pure Glass Bottles ($20-$25), you will undoubtedly succeed. However, if you spike one like a football and it breaks you won’t have to deal with shards of glass or cleaning up liquid. That makes these bottles a great option for just about everything — whether it’s going to the gym, hitting the hiking trail, or hunkering down in your safe room during the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

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Each one is fitted with a clear protective outer coating — what’s referred to as a “safe shell” — that spider webs and breaks from the inside; this keeps the liquid and glass contained. From there, you can toss it into the recycling bin and go about your day knowing you did Mother Nature a solid. Of course, if you’re not a total clod and you use some finesse, that won’t happen and your bottle will last a long time.

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