10 Reasons We Don’t Need A Fantastic Four Reboot

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Screw The Fantastic Four Reboot manhunter #3. MANHUNTER If DC insists that Wonder Woman is “too complicated” to carry her own movie, then they should be readying Manhunter for the big screen. By day, she’s lawyer Kate Spencer. By night, she’s a vigilante assassin with an array of high-tech weaponry. It would be equal parts law drama, Bourne Identity-like spy adventure, and superhero movie, headlined by a tough, smart female lead. And who would say no to that? Also: Rating movie fans on a scale of laid to arrested Screw The Fantastic Four Reboot defenders #4. THE DEFENDERS The Avengers may squabble a little, but they pull together and learn the true nature of teamwork and blah blah blah. Marvel could liven things up by bringing in The Defenders — a group of loners who absolutely despise one another but who are forced against their wills to work together thanks to an alien curse. No choice. No schmoozing with Agent Coulson. Also: Real-life war heroes who were basically Captain America Every adventure is like a group project at work with the worst people in your office. Marvel’s work is already half done, too – They’ve already introduced Hulk and Silver Surfer, so they’d just have to bring in Dr. Strange and Prince Namor to round out the OG team.