8 Shower Curtains That Aren’t Lame

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Just as no guy has ever gotten laid because of his cool welcome mat, no guy has ever won over a woman because of his nifty shower curtain. But you spend time every day staring at your shower curtain from one side or the other, so you may as well have one you like.

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That said, most shower curtains are either boring or overly wacky. But we managed to find some that split the difference by being funny and unique
without being over the top.

#1. shower curtains that aren't lame mustachesThe Gentlemen Shower Curtain($13 @ Amazon.com)
Truth be told, if you were sporting facial hair resembling the French Fork, Chinny Puff, Hulibe, or Roadie, no matter what shower curtain you had, you’d be lame.



Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Shower Curtain#2. Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Shower Curtain ($20 @ Amazon.com)
When you’re using  the toilet you’ll feel as though Han Solo is creepily watching you, which isn’t so cool. However, when you’re showing it’s almost as if Solo is keeping  guard. So, there’s that.