5 Simple Tips To Overcome Procrastination

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Simple Tips To Overcome Procrastination #2. PRIORITIZE YOUR TO-DO LIST It's not enough that you make a list of thing you have to get done; you need to make order out of your chaos by giving each task a priority. Figuring out its place in the hierarchy will help keep you focused on the larger and more pressing tasks. You know, the ones that give you agita when they're not competed. A good app to keep you on task is Things ($10), which can set reminders and allow you to shuffle stuff around when more responsibilities inevitably pop up. Also: Quit your job like a man #3. PINPOINT (AND ELIMINATE) STRESSORS Figure out what's stressing you out and take strategic breaks from the activity. Whether it's taking a walk — which has been shown to release tension and help with relaxation — or performing breathing exercises, find something that can alleviate the built-up tension. Give the supplement Suntheanine ($15) a try. It's a pure form of L-theanine (found in green tea leaves) that helps boost focus and relaxation without causing drowsiness.