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If You’re A Guy With Skin, You Should Know About These 7 Skin Conditions

Look and feel less gross by learning how to prevent and treat seven common skin afflictions like athlete’s feet, psoriasis, and acne.

By Matt Christensen



What Is It?
Excessive flushing of the face, often with pimples located on the nose, cheeks and forehead. In men, a common symptom is an unsightly, red, swollen, and inflamed nose – without the ability to lead a team of reindeer on Christmas Eve.

What Causes It?
Common causes can include vitamin B deficiency, food allergies, low stomach acid, hypothyroidism, and a family history or tendency toward dry skin and dermatitis. So, thanks Dad!

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How Can I Treat It?
Avoid triggers such as sun or spicy foods, which can all contribute to flare ups. Also, make sure to use sunscreen – specifically brands containing zinc oxide/titanium dioxide, which is better suited for sensitive, rosacea-involved skin. Avoid soap, too. Not in the functional sense, but in favor of more gentle, non-soap cleansers.

What Happens If I Don’t?
Longstanding , untreated rosacea may lead to rhinophyma – an enlarged, engorged nose, reminiscent of Chris Farley from Dirty Work.