Women Prefer Girth Over Length [Study]

A small ( heh heh) study conducted at UCLA’s Sexual Psychophysiology and Affective Neuroscience (SPAN) Laboratory involved 41 women looking at and fondling handling  a bunch of 3D-printed penises of various sizes and shapes. Along with a universal decision that all penises — circumcised or unsnipped — are as weird looking as ears and belly buttons*,  the women that admitted to being more interested in one-night stand admitted to having a more vested interest in girth or a large dick size; the ladies who were in the market for a long-term relationship opted for size over girth.

The findings, reported by LiveScience, also noted that women interested in all types of relationships were content with a boner peaking at 6.5 inches. Still, all you No. 2 pencils out there shouldn’t hang your, uh, heads. The women handling the 3D-printed shafts often overestimated the sizes. In other words, you’re clear to remove that pair of socks that’s currently nestled in the crotch of your pants.


*Not actually discussed in the study
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