Study: Your Penis Looks Fine. Really

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Study: Your Penis Looks Just Fine, So Stop Worrying About It


There are some guys with corrected hypospadias who regard their penis as abnormal looking. And the truth is that it probably just looks as weird as any other penis, which are of course all weird looking (so are ears, to be honest). A recent study aimed to determine how relevant women consider single aspects of penile appearance to be. Furthermore, the goal was to discover if women perceive hypospadias-affected surgically repaired genitals (HASRGs) as normal-looking as circumcised genitals.

The Method of Study

The cross-section study saw 105 women of different age groups (16–20, 25–30, 40–45 years) filling out a questionnaire. Participants rated the importance of eight penile aspects, expressing how normal they found the appearance of 10 HASRGs and of 10 circumcised genitals, judging from standardized photos. They were also asked about demographic characteristics and their sexuality.

What Was Found

Women considered the position and shape of the meatusas as the least important penile aspect; according to the results. It was determined that HASRGs with distal hypospadias were perceived to normal, just as circumcised genitals, and conversely genitals with more proximal hypospadias were perceived as considerably less normal. It must be noted that observer-related predictors who had more positive perception of HASRGs, were higher age, higher sexual interest, and seeing the cosmetic penile appearance as more important and penile length as less important. So, in a nutshell, women consider the “position and shape of the meatus” as the least crucial penile aspect. What’s more, it was noted that women perceived genitals of men with distal operated hypospadias (the majority of hypospadias) to be as normal as circumcised genitals.