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Stuff We Want: Braven BRV-X Bluetooth Speaker

Braven’s BRV-X Bluetooth speaker looks sleek and stylish inside of your home, and is badass enough to blast tunes and take calls while braving the elements.


Sometimes we don’t want earbuds jammed into our ears. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear tunes. In those instances — maybe we’re bronzing our pasty skin on the beach or nakedly doing chores around the house — we’re looking for a speaker that’s durable enough to handle whatever we throw at it. From what we’ve experienced, the Braven BRV-X ($190 @ Amazon) is a solid choice. And unsurprisingly, it was voted Best of Show at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show for its versatility, durability, and functionality.

Also: 50 Cent has headphones now. Seriously.

The unit’s Bluetooth capabilities reach up to 33 feet, and can supply up to 12 hours of wireless play. You can play tunes, take calls (including Facetime, Skype, and iChat), charge smartphones and other USB devices, and even change tracks. Plus, it gets loud enough for you to pull this on a passed out buddy sans the headphones …

As an indoor unit it doesn’t take up much counter space and looks sleek. When used outdoors, it’s water-resistant (splashproof and weatherproof) and comes with a strap to cling to your backpack. The rubber casing gives it a tough feel without adding a ton of weight, so you can slip it into your backpack without feeling like you’re lugging around a brick.

To sum up our thoughts on the Braven BRV-X …