Survey: Your Co-workers Want To Have Sex

Sex Survey A 2013 survey has shed some light on what people think about office romances — and plain ol' office sex. Turns out, most people have no problem hooking up with coworkers — or, at least, with co-workers hooking up with each other — so long as the hooking up isn't being done by a boss and his or her subordinate. Also seen as unnecessary: Telling HR about it. Check out some of the interesting results below. (For the full survey, head to WHAT BEST DESCRIBES YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARD SEX BETWEEN COLLEAGUES? • Fine if handled professionally and not involving a direct reporting relationship: 52% • Usually a bad idea: 27% • Awesome! How else am I supposed to get to know attractive people?: 11% • Always a bad idea: 10% What it means: About two out of three people are generally okay with workplace romances. Just make sure you don't drunkenly hit on the third person at the next office happy hour.   DO YOU THINK MANAGERS SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO HAVE SEX WITH SUBORDINATES (DIRECT OR INDIRECT)? • No: 64% • Yes: 36% What it means: Most people don't want the places they work to mimic the porn they watch. Prudes! Sex Survey DO YOU THINK COLLEAGUES AT THE SAME COMPANY SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO HAVE SEX? • Yes: 85% • No: 15% What it means: People who have jobs also like to have sex.
DO YOU THINK COLLEAGUES SHOULD HAVE TO NOTIFY HUMAN RESOURCES (OR EQUIVALENT) IF THEY HAVE SEX? • N0: 92% • Yes: 8% What it means: Shockingly, no one wants to tell some overly sunny coworker that they're doing the chick in Accounts Payable.  
HAVE YOU EVER HAD SEX WITH YOUR BOSS? • Yes: 14% What it means: Most bosses exhibit admirable restraint and/or are kind of disappointed.
Sex Survey HAVE YOU EVER HAD SEX AT THE OFFICE? • No: 51% • Yes: 49% What it means: You should probably wipe down your keyboard more often. DID YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR COLLEAGUE HELP OR HURT YOUR PRODUCTIVITY AT WORK? • No impact: 70% • Helped: 15% • Hurt: 15% What it means: Whether or not you're banging a coworker, you'll check Reddit just as often. HAVE YOU EVER SWITCHED JOBS BECAUSE OF A SEXUAL TENSION WITH A COLLEAGUE? • No: 96% • Yes: 4% What it means: Wouldn't that be a reason to remain at your job?

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