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How To Pair Wine With Bar Food

Tired of drinking beers and cocktails with bar food? Neither are we. But for the times you want wine with greasy food, here’s how to pair them up properly.


What Guys Should Know About … Wine

How do you taste wine at a restaurant without looking like a jackass? How much do you need to pay? Is wine from a box okay? We’ve got the answers for you.


8 Drink Coasters That
Aren’t Lame

Along with preventing beer, coffee, or Hi-C from destroying wood tabletops, a cool set of coasters can also tell women something about your personality.


The Science Of Getting Drunk

We asked a doctor to explain how alcohol affects the body when people get drunk. We plan to test his explanation for accuracy.


We Were Wrong About Bohemia Beer

We didn’t think we’d like Bohemia beer because of its goofy packaging. And we were reminded that only idiots judge books by their covers or beers by their labels.