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9 Great Things For Back To The Future Fanatics

If you’re a fan of the Back to the Future trilogy, owning George McFly’s journal, classy DeLorean wall art, and a light-up Flux Capacitor might pique your interest.


Power Laces Are Coming In 2015

The shoes Marty McFly wore in 1989’s Back to the Future Part II will be available in 2015. Sill no word on the hover board.


The Long, Strange Trip
of the VW Bus

The 60-year-old Volkswagen Bus has gone from hippie taxi to DeLorean opponent to cultural icon. Sadly, the last one ever made is about roll off the line.


Great Scott! It’s A DeLorean Bike

Three new bicycles licensed by the iconic automaker don’t come cheap, but they do allow for some cheap Back to the Future jokes.