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10 Frustrating Movie Endings Explained

Some confusing movie endings are, well, confusing. But others actually do wrap things up, even if it’s nearly impossible to figure out how.

Summer "Controversies"

The Summer’s 10 Dumbest Controversies

We’ve endured an endless stream of dumb “controversies” that have caused idiot busybodies to get their undies in a bunch — but these were the 10 dumbest.


Ben Affleck Is The New Batman

Ben Affleck will play Daredevil, er, Batman in the Man of Steel sequel set to open July 17, 2015.

Batman Villains

Lessons From Losers: Batman Villains

From the look of things, Bane will teach Batman how to get his ass kicked in The Dark Knight Rises. In past Batman films, we were able to extract more useful life lessons.


10 Incredibly Manly Comic-Book Moments

Before watching Thor and his hammer look all Fabioesque in Thor: The Dark World, take a look at these moments when costumed crusaders manned up the most.