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10 Common Grilling Mistakes

It’s tough to be king of the grill when you’re making rookie mistakes. So we asked three expert grillers to correct the goofs they see people make most.


Why Rubs Are Better Than Marinades

Cooking or grilling meat? Rubs beat out marinades every time. We’ll tell you why and give you four delicious, easy-to-make rub recipes.


No, The BBQ Dragon Isn’t A Hairdryer

The adjustable, hands-free device stokes a fire with a steady flow of cold air. Wait, don’t dragons breath hot air? Like, fire? We’re confused.


Video: How To Make Coleslaw Perfect For A BBQ

If you’re barbecuing, you may not give a lot of thought to the coleslaw — which is why most of it ends up in the garbage. So use this simple technique instead.


Schools For Dudes

Believe it or not, school can actually be fun — especially when the subject matter involves drinking beer, flying fighter jets, and sniping bad guys.