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happier people bike to work: study

Study: Happier People Bike To Work

Biking to work won’t make you love or hate your job any more or less. But you’ll be a happier person, according to researchers.


Great Scott! It’s A DeLorean Bike

Three new bicycles licensed by the iconic automaker don’t come cheap, but they do allow for some cheap Back to the Future jokes.


Germans Invent World’s Weirdest Bicycle

Is the “Fliz” still a bicycle if it has no seat, no pedals, and you run it along the ground while slung in a harness? Some crazy Germans think it is.


6 Great Bikes For Commuters

If you’re fed up to here (*makes motion above head*) battling bumper-to-bumper traffic on your commute to work, consider making a bike your new car.