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how to stop aging

How To Stop Aging (Without Awful Surgery)

You don’t need a contract with Satan β€” or a plastic surgeon β€” to look like you’ve stopped getting older. You just need these celebrity-approved tips.


11 Memorable Movie Deaths Explained

What exactly happens to the human body during some of the most memorable movie deaths ever? We asked someone with an actual medical degree to tell us.


How To Be a Man (Bruce Willis Edition)

WWBWD? Simple: Lead, not follow. Before you watch him take the reins in Red 2, revisit seven ways Bruce Willis showed us how to sack up and get the job done.

25 Things We Learned From Die Hard

25 Things We Learned From Die Hard

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the original Die Hard, we came up with 25 things the greatest action film of all time taught us.


The Ultimate Action-Hero Showdown: Day 5

In this first installment of the Sweet Sixteen, we’ve got two accomplished torturers, two of Hong Kong’s most beloved (read: violent) sons, and more!


The Ultimate Action-Hero
Showdown: Day 3

It’s Day 3 of March Madness: The Maddening β€” a tournament matching up the most kick-ass action heroes ever to see who kicks the most ass.