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2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoor Gear

Whether you’re trying to stay warm, fend off the chupacabra, or get more use from your POV action camera, these gifts will help you get it done.


8 Camping Essentials For, Uh, Camping

Want to stay warm, fed, and armed on the chance you tussle with the chupacabra? Then don’t forget these items when you brave the great outdoors.

Evolve Awards Adidas Terrex

2013 Evolve Awards: Outdoor Gear

An ultra-rugged phone that holds its charge for 15 years, a feather-light tent, and serious hiking boots that feel like sneakers.


A Hatchet That Chops More Than Just Wood

The Naturalist-Curved hatchet from Hardcore Hammers will take care of all your hatcheting needs — and trust us, you have more than you think.


Sleeping Bags For Sleeping Anywhere

Whether it’s hot or cold, and whether you’re alone or with a lady friend, we’ve got a sleeping bag that’ll meet your camping needs.

Jetboil thumb

2012 Evolve Awards: Outdoor Gear

Whether you’re surviving the outdoors, enjoying the outdoors, or outracing everything in the outdoors, this gear has you covered.


10 Things All Hikers Should Own

Whether you’re embarking on an epic journey across Middle Earth or just killing a few hours on a Saturday, you need to be prepared.