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7 Traits That Make You a Bad Boss

You’re not the boss of us! So we have no problem telling you the not-so-obvious things that make you a lousy person to work for.


8 Networking Tips For Job Seekers

Whether you’re unemployed or would rather play in traffic than go to your current job, use these effective networking tips to help lead you to a better, higher-paying gig.


Yet Another Reason To Hate Your Coworkers

New research has found that open-plan offices decrease productivity because they cause distractions. (But working from home has its own disadvantages.)


3 Ways To Quit Your Job

There are plenty of ways to quit your job. However, there’s only one good way to get it done without potentially suffering backlash


Quit Your Job Like A Man

How you quit your job today can affect the way potential employers look at you for the rest of your career. So if you’re gonna quit, do it right.