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6 Headphones Endorsed By Celebrities

Should you purchase headphones simply because Tim McGraw or 50 Cent wears them? Hell no! But you should consider purchasing them because they’re quality pieces of tech.


8 Mistakes No Guy Can Get Away With

The most famous, best looking, richest guys in the world can’t get away with these subtle screw-ups. Which means you can’t get away with them either.


Why Do Actors Bad-Mouth Their Own Movies?

Jim Carrey just tweeted that Kick-Ass 2 is too violent for him to support. Oddly, he doesn’t appear to be donating the millions he made from starring in it.


More Revelations From Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt recently admitted that he did tons of drugs while married to Jennifer Aniston. He also revealed far more interesting things…


What Will Snooki’s Kid Be Like?

Snooki is probably pregnant. We don’t know if the … lucky father is her boyfriend, but we do know how the child’s life is going to play out.


Our 11 Favorite Stories Of 2011

We were shocked to learn that in 2011, we actually offered up some pretty good info on women, gear, booze, and other stuff you want to know about.