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8 Drink Coasters That
Aren’t Lame

Along with preventing beer, coffee, or Hi-C from destroying wood tabletops, a cool set of coasters can also tell women something about your personality.


Stuff For Father’s Day: Home Goods

Give your dad a cool new way to open bottles, a sleek coffee maker, or a bunch of ancient relics to look at and you can’t go wrong.


Finally There’s An $11,000 Coffee Maker

Some people love coffee. Some people love, love coffee. And some people are coffee-drinking lunatics who’d spend a small fortune on a coffee machine.

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What Guys Should Know About … Coffee

One of these statements about coffee is false: A) It has health benefits. B) Even good coffee is cheap. C) It gives you fantastic breath.


Save $200 A Month Without Really Trying

Five easy tweaks to your monthly routine could save you some serious cash. And don’t worry — you won’t have to touch your cocktail budget.