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5 Dating Mistakes All Guys Make

You’ve made these dating mistakes — it’s just that women have been too busy rolling their eyes at you to point them out. Until now.

Derek Jeter thumb

Derek Jeter’s Hottest Girlfriends

Mr. November is retiring. To bid a proper farewell to the Yankees legend, we’ve decided to remember his best plays, er, hottest girlfriends.


5 Ways To Score A Second Date

How does a woman decide if she wants a second date? By mercilessly analyzing your behavior on a first date.

unusual first date ideas

Unusual First Date Ideas

Think beyond dinner and a movie for the ever-important first date. If you’re looking for unusual first date ideas, look no further

how to pick up girls

How to Pick Up Girls

Wondering the best way to get (and keep) a girl’s attention? Start by getting comfortable, and you’ll learn how to pick up girls in no time.

good places for a first date

Good Places for a First Date: Don’t Screw This Up

She’s agreed to go on a date with you. Now comes the hard part: Choosing the setting where she decides you’re the smartest, most interesting, most attractive man she’s ever met. Check out our suggestions for good places for a first date.


Was It a Good First Date?

First dates can be difficult to gauge. Luckily for you, there are a few universal signs you can evaluate to measure whether she’s feeling it…or not. So, was it a good first date? Let’s find out.