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20 Superfoods for More Energy Now

The term “superfood” gets tossed around a lot these days, and while some food fads will eventually fade — *cough* green smoothies *cough* — these 20 foods live up to the hype.

Healthy Foods for men

3 Healthy Foods for Men

Kale and microgreens can only support a man for so long before he faints from lack of calories and protein. We’ve researched 3 healthy foods for men that will fill you up and pack in that protein punch to keep you going.


How To Make Junk Food Healthy…ish

Junk food like pizza, cookies, and chips will never be health food. But a few tweaks to the junk you eat can make it slightly less terrible for you.


Science: Sugar Makes You Stupid

If you’ve been acting like more of an idiot than usual, check your diet, dummy. Researchers have found that too much sugar makes you stupid.


What Guys Should Know About … Cheese

Knowing a thing or two about cheese can make you look just as cultured as knowing about wine. Plus, your grilled cheeses will taste way better.