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9 Great Things For Back To The Future Fanatics

If you’re a fan of the Back to the Future trilogy, owning George McFly’s journal, classy DeLorean wall art, and a light-up Flux Capacitor might pique your interest.


6 Headphones Endorsed By Celebrities

Should you purchase headphones simply because Tim McGraw or 50 Cent wears them? Hell no! But you should consider purchasing them because they’re quality pieces of tech.


2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Electronics

Sweet wireless headphones, a way to keep your teeth and mouth cleaner, and a Bluetooth speaker that fixes to your handlebars!


11 Great Websites For Finding Deals

Holiday shopping season is basically here (since it never really goes away). Before you start blowing wads of cash, you’ll want to check out these sites.


Cure Your Allergies — With Technology!

It’s allergy season, so if you get hay fever (or if you’re allergic to your roommate’s cat) the Sanyo Air Washer may make your life less miserable.


2010 Holiday Gift Guide: Tech

Personal electronics are like movies: Few are outstanding, and too many utilize 3D. So we found only the cream of the crop. (Yes, some utilize 3D.)