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9 Of The Best Supplements For Men

There really are (legal) supplements for men that can give you more energy, bigger muscles, and better overall health. These are 9 of the best.


How To Build A Ping-Pong-Worthy Body

Okay, we’re only half kidding. Ping-pong — er, we mean table tennis — actually requires both strength and stamina. We’ll tell you how to get it.


How To Start An Adult Kickball League

Looking to kick some balls (and butt) in your own kickball league? We’ve broken it down into five easy steps to help you make it happen.


Want To Be Happier? Walk More

Biking or walking to work can help improve mental and overall well-being, according to a new study. In other words, quit being so lazy.


Simple Ways To Control Anger

Going berserk at the drop of a hat is at best embarrassing and at worst dangerous. So control your anger with these simple tips.


How To Hit A Softball Farther

Whether it’s slow pitch, fast pitch, or T-ball, adding these exercises to your workouts will help you go yard … or at least hit it out of the infield.