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When To Contact Her After A Date

Still following the “wait three days before contact” after the first date rule? You might be ruining your chances.

things to ask on a first date

Things to Ask on a First Date to Avoid Awkward Silence

There’s nothing worse than going on a date with someone you find amazing and then realizing that you are completely tongue-tied when you get there. When you need ideas for things to ask on a first date, consider some of these openings

unusual first date ideas

Unusual First Date Ideas

Think beyond dinner and a movie for the ever-important first date. If you’re looking for unusual first date ideas, look no further


A Successful First Date at the Movies

Sometimes you have to stick with what you know works. Planning a first date at the movies is a surefire way to make sure you both have a good time – just make sure you pick the right one!


Should You Call Her After A First Date?

Should you call her after the first date? Maybe. That’s a terrible answer, we know. But that’s because a text might be a better option.

text after first date

Should You Text After First Date?

To text, or not to text after first date? The verdict is in: It’s okay, but only if you follow a couple of rules.

good places for a first date

Good Places for a First Date: Don’t Screw This Up

She’s agreed to go on a date with you. Now comes the hard part: Choosing the setting where she decides you’re the smartest, most interesting, most attractive man she’s ever met. Check out our suggestions for good places for a first date.


Was It a Good First Date?

First dates can be difficult to gauge. Luckily for you, there are a few universal signs you can evaluate to measure whether she’s feeling it…or not. So, was it a good first date? Let’s find out.


Great First Date Ideas

Try out some of these great first date ideas in order to ensure a successful first date with that girl you’re interested in – and to guarantee a second date