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Video: Drunk Idiot Tackled By Football Coach

A dude getting drunk at a football game is a common thing. A dude getting drunk, walking onto the field shirtless, and then getting manhandled by a group of coaches is not — but it’s super entertaining.


33 Tattoos Inspired By Old-School Video Games

We spent countless hours playing Tetris, Super Mario Bros., Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!, and other old-school video games. And judging by these tattoos, we’re guessing these people did, too.


9 Funny Commercials For Bad Products

We’d probably be better off if these awful products didn’t exist. But their unintentionally hilarious commercials have made the world a much better place.


15 Awful Phobias That Make Life Awful

If we have any phobia at all it’s the phobia that one of these awful phobias will plague our existence an doom us to a life of dread.


Video: Anti-Christmas Songs Mashup

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … to watch elves, Muppets, animations, and gremlins sing angrily about the most wonderful time of the year!


Video: Cat Flicks Paper Just Because

Like mindlessly entertaining cat videos? Do you enjoy attempting to decipher weird cat behaviors? Well then, this is your lucky day!