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10 Common Grilling Mistakes

It’s tough to be king of the grill when you’re making rookie mistakes. So we asked three expert grillers to correct the goofs they see people make most.


Why Rubs Are Better Than Marinades

Cooking or grilling meat? Rubs beat out marinades every time. We’ll tell you why and give you four delicious, easy-to-make rub recipes.


No, The BBQ Dragon Isn’t A Hairdryer

The adjustable, hands-free device stokes a fire with a steady flow of cold air. Wait, don’t dragons breath hot air? Like, fire? We’re confused.


What Guys Should Know About … Steak

Whether you want to talk up a cute cowgirl or just don’t want to screw up on the grill, we’ll help you beef up your knowledge about, uh, beef.