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How To Look Great For Any Holiday Occasion

Whether you’re attending a family gathering, crashing an office party, or just trying to survive New Year’s Day, we’ve got the products for you.


Tips For The Perfect Head Shave

Shaving your head can help you look distinguished and put together while putting your disappearing hair out of its misery.


6 John Allan’s Products
Guys Should Try

John Allan’s roster is full of all-star grooming products. These six will help keep your hair in line, and make it look, feel, and smell better.


11 Surprising Men’s Grooming Stats

A US-UK survey about men’s grooming habits has revealed a few surprises when it comes to what grooming products and treatments guys prefer.


Video: We Jumped Off Of A Bridge

Speed Stick GEAR sent one of our editors bungee jumping. He took the plunge … and then asked someone to sniff his pits. Seriously.


Business Haircuts for Men

Follow these tips for workplace-approve hairstyles for men and you’re guaranteed to get a raise … within the next five years … hopefully …