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9 Of The Best Supplements For Men

There really are (legal) supplements for men that can give you more energy, bigger muscles, and better overall health. These are 9 of the best.


8 Simple Tips To Help Guys Lose Weight

If you’re looking for a good diet for men to shed weight safely and without sticking to a celery-only plan, check out these diet tips for guys.


6 Tips To Help You Lose Your Gut

Abs are made in the kitchen. So put on your apron and use these tips from Dr. Jeffry Life to ditch your spare tire.


What Guys Should Know About … Fish Oil

Can fish oil do things like lower blood pressure, reduce heart attack risk, and improve your odds of joining the NBA? Yes, yes, and don’t be an idiot.


You Can Drink Beer To Fight Off Colds!

According to a new study by actual scientists, beer can help you battle certain cold symptoms. Time to replace the medicine cabinet with a beer fridge!