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20 Superfoods for More Energy Now

The term “superfood” gets tossed around a lot these days, and while some food fads will eventually fade — *cough* store-bought green smoothies *cough* — these 20 foods live up to the hype.


How To Make Junk Food Healthy…ish

Junk food like pizza, cookies, and chips will never be health food. But a few tweaks to the junk you eat can make it slightly less terrible for you.

Healthy Foods for men

3 Healthy Foods for Men

Kale and microgreens can only support a man for so long before he faints from lack of calories and protein. We’ve researched 3 healthy foods for men that will fill you up and pack in that protein punch to keep you going.


9 Foods That Tame A Hangover

Every guy has his own goofy hangover “cure.” But there are actual scientific reasons why these foods will help ease the hell that is your hangover.