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11 Awful Sons Who Don’t Deserve Moms

Liars, cheats, brats, idiots, murderers, actual demons — all of these guys treat their poor mothers like crap. So this Mother’s Day, we’re calling them out for it.


Our 11 All-Time Favorite Bunnies

The Easter Bunny is fine, but we prefer bunnies with more interesting hobbies. Like sleeping with hot actresses, mocking idiots, and becoming undead.


YouTube’s Best Advice For Fathers

How to catch spiders with your face, why your son will always electrocute you, and other excellent advice for dads this Father’s Day.


4 Easy Ways To Save Money Buying Gifts

Show your wallet some love. Use these cash-saving tips when buying gifts for people on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and uh … Arbor Day.

ted bear movie holiday survival

Ted’s Holiday Survival Guide

We asked everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed teddy bear — who also happens to be a former Christmas gift himself — how to survive the holiday season.


11 Great Websites For Finding Deals

Holiday shopping season is basically here (since it never really goes away). Before you start blowing wads of cash, you’ll want to check out these sites.