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13 Charming Nightmare On Elm Street GIFs

Star of the Nightmare on Elm Street movie franchise Freddy Krueger is more than a twisted and disfigured serial killer — he’s a grooming, fashion, and home decor advisor. Seriously.


11 Awful Sons Who Don’t Deserve Moms

Liars, cheats, brats, idiots, murderers, actual demons — all of these guys treat their poor mothers like crap. So this Mother’s Day, we’re calling them out for it.


Obscure Netflix Guy Movie: Troll 2

We, ahem, troll Netflix-on-demand to find awesome movies you’ve never seen, but should. Today, it’s the best worst movie ever made — Troll 2.


Video: Rick Grimes Drops An F-Bomb

In a deleted scene from Season 4 of The Walking Dead we get to hear a far better version of Rick Grimes’s threat to those who captured him and his friends than the one that aired.