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7 Myths About Her Period

Men don’t have periods, but the women in their lives do. So we asked a woman to correct some dopey male misconceptions. (One involves sharks!)


5 Myths About Your Penis

You may think you know your penis like the palm of your hand, but you probably believe at least one of these myths about it.


6 Myths About Your Teeth

Sure, “dentists” claim to be teeth experts, but … actually, they are teeth experts. But you probably believe a few falsehoods about your chompers.


6 Myths About … Allergies

Do you believe any of these commonly held misconceptions about allergies? Then it looks like you’re allergic — to the truth!

homer brain

7 Myths About Your Brain

We all have brains, and most of us even use them. Still, chances are you believe some of these popular myths about your think muscle.