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How To Make The Perfect Apology

You screwed up — and she’s not happy. You’ve got one chance to give her the perfect apology, so you’d better make it count.


5 Hidden Clues A Woman Is
Cheating On You

We asked a couple of private investigators who can spot a cheater like it’s their job — because it is — for telltale signs that a woman is cheating on you.


Your Marriage Will Look Like This

Your marriage will go through five stages, and by stage two you better be ready to put in the work if you want your things to last.


5 Surprising Hints She’s A Keeper

Have things gotten serious with your current girlfriend? These five clues might help you determine if she’s a keeper or if you should keep looking.


11 Unforgettable Names of Sex Positions

Looking for inspiration the next time your hooker, er, girlfriend comes over? The names of these sex positions should allow ideas to, ahem, pop up.