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better sex than you

Has She Had Better Sex Than You?

Chances are, yes. According to a poll, most women don’t marry their favorite sexual partner. The good news? You have a chance of changing that.


3 Moves To Get Your Ex Back

Or help get your ex back, anyway. Nothing’s a guarantee, but these tips can help you score a second chance after you botched the first one.

How To Punch a Wall

How to Punch a F@#king Hole in a Wall

Punching a hole in a wall is totally immature — and totally satisfying. But if you do it, follow our advice so you don’t wind up with a mangled hand.


4 Ways To Turn Her Down
(Without Being A Jerk)

Whether it’s a friend, friend of a friend, coworker, or online “match,” these tips will help you turn her down without fear that she’ll clock you in the nose.


The One Thing Women Wish Guys Knew

We asked women to tell us the one thing they wish all men knew about dating and relationships — but that most men don’t. This is what they had to say.