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8 Awesome Pairs Of Running Shoes For Men

Sorry, Prefontaine — your running shoes may be all wrong for your running style. Luckily, we can tell you how to find the best running shoes for you.


10 Of The Best Walking Shoes
For Men

The best walking shoes for men are stylish, versatile, and durable. Oh yeah, they’re also so damn comfortable your feet will feel like they’re stepping on a cloud made of marshmallows.


6 Awesome Cross Trainer Shoes For Men

If you’re not a gym rat or a runner, but you like to dabble in those and other physical activities, you need the right cross trainers.

How To Cure Shin Splints

How To Cure Shin Splints

No matter how tough you think you are, shin splints can sideline you. So try these cures as soon as — or, in some cases, even before — you get them.