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Blame The Munchies On Your Nose

New research suggests food cravings that stem from smoking THC-laced weed-pot could be due to a heightened sense of smell.


How To Smoke A Cigar (For Noobs)

Whether you’re smoking Cubans or Swishers, we’ll cover how to cut a cigar, light it, and smoke it without vomiting.


7 Things You Should Know About E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are marketed as a healthier way to “smoke.” And that’s true … sort of. But not really. It’s complicated, but we’ll explain.


Does Pot Smoking Cause Ball Cancer?

Bad news for stoners — a new study has found that smoking marijuana may double your risk of contracting testicular cancer.


The Best Lighters For Making Fire

Whether you’re camping, surviving a blackout, or simply blowing down heaters, a high-quality lighter can come in handy.