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How To Start An Adult Kickball League

Looking to kick some balls (and butt) in your own kickball league? We’ve broken it down into five easy steps to help you make it happen.


Stuff For Father’s Day: Health & Fitness

Whether your dad is the active type or you’re trying to get him to become more active, the right Father’s Day gift can help get him off of his arse.


A Brief Guide To Mouthguards

If you play a rec sport on weekends, you should wear a mouthguard. That is, unless toothless is a better look for you.


4 Reasons To Run A Tough Mudder

Running a Tough Mudder will do more than put hair on your … chest. And we can hook you up with a 10% discount on your entry fee.


Photos: What Is Peyton Manning Thinking?

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has a lot on his mind heading into Super Bowl XL VIII against the Seahawks this weekend. And we know exactly how he feels.