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11 Awful Sons Who Don’t Deserve Moms

Liars, cheats, brats, idiots, murderers, actual demons — all of these guys treat their poor mothers like crap. So this Mother’s Day, we’re calling them out for it.


Study: Americans Watch Too Much TV

New research suggests the average American spends five hours watching TV per day. Probably watching Saved by the Bell reruns.


Watch: Reporter Drops An F-Bomb

A Detroit reporter lets an F-bomb slip during a newscast, reminding us that we should make a point to watch the news more often.


Hey, Look! TiVo Isn’t Dead

The horrendously named TiVo Roamio is billing itself an all-in-one Roku, Apple TV, Slingbox, and Google TV.


Watching TV Lowers Your Sperm Count

According to scientists, watching too much TV does more than rot your brain and enlarge your gut — it also lowers your sperm count.


Why Cable News Makes You Less Informed

If you want to keep up with world events, Fox News and MSNBC are the worst places to go for information — and you may be surprised by the best.


TV Politicians We’d Vote For In Real Life

You may not know who you’ll vote in the 2012 elections. But that wouldn’t be the case if these heroes, misfits, and porcine swindlers were on the ballot.