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The Best Advice Ever From TV Dads

Even the most idiotic TV dads — and there are plenty of them — impart great wisdom from time to time. So we rounded up some of their best advice ever.


Study: Americans Watch Too Much TV

New research suggests the average American spends five hours watching TV per day. Probably watching Saved by the Bell reruns.


How We Got Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is engaged to a porn star … who’s still legally married. What a great excuse to look back at Sheen’s awards, arrests, and bizarre catchphrases.

TV kid

Why Your Child May Never Dunk

Scientists have found that watching too much TV as toddlers basically melts children’s leg muscles in later life.

Cash Cab thumb

Win a 32″ LG LCD Television!

The game show Cash Cab is now giving away even more stuff — and this time, you don’t need to endure a New York City cab ride to win it!