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33 Tattoos Inspired By Old-School Video Games

We spent countless hours playing Tetris, Super Mario Bros., Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!, and other old-school video games. And judging by these tattoos, we’re guessing these people did, too.

6 Real-Life Video Game Power-Ups

Video game power-ups are great … when they’re in video games. In real life, it’s often a different story.


Your Keys To Gaming On The Cheap

Are you looking to school noobz on the cheap? We found a handful of websites and services will help you do so for free … or practically free.


Video: New Super Mario Bros. Glitch

News the you from 30 years ago could use: A new glitch leading to infinite 1Ups in Super Mario Bros. on NES has been discovered.


Happy 30th Birthday, Tetris!

Tetris debuted in June 1984. Puzzling, right? And in its three decades we doubt there’s been a better player than the dude in this video.


The Best Video Games Of March

There are three video games being released in March that gamers should purchase. The rest would be better served as Frisbees.