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6 Cool Coloring Books For Guys — That’s Right, Coloring Books

We don’t judge, so if you want to pick yourself up an adult coloring book, go for it. And why not? You deserve to pamper yourself by showing the world you’re capable of coloring within the lines. However, we’re thinking they make better gifts for specific people. Also: 9 Things For Back To The Future Fans… Read more »


Do We Really Need Another
Zombie Movie?

Is Brat Pitt’s World War Z the latest installment in a strong horror subgenre, or yet another played-out zzzzzzombie movie that nobody needs?


9 Ways The World Might End

Harold Camping has once again claimed the end of the world is here. He’s a professional nutjob, but there’s no denying the world’s gonna end someday.


The Best House To Own When Zombies Attack

Whether you’re worried about this “zombie apocalypse” people won’t shut up about, or you just hate your neighbors, this is the house for you.