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The Best Leprechauns of All Time

This Saint Patrick’s Day, halt your fistfight, remove your green plastic bowler hat, and make a toast to the little people with your green beer.

By ModernMan Editors

In March 2006, some no-doubt totally sober residents of Crichton, Alabama reported seeing a leprechaun. In a tree. (Refer to the amateur sketch to the left: leprechaun? Or acorn?) So like any responsible news outlet, an NBC affiliate sent a reporter to cover it for what we can only assume was the slowest news day in history. But lucky for us, the result was comedy gold. Some of the Crichton area’s most, um, eccentric citizens were happy to be interviewed. Even if you’ve already seen the report (below), we recommend watching it again; much like Leroy Jenkins, you can’t watch it too many times.




Little Bastard was a feisty fella who lived under WWE wrestling rings and embodied pretty much every Irish cliché in the book … including the one about them not being a very tall people. After wreaking havoc in more than one match when he scurried out from his hiding place and started attacking wrestlers, Little Bastard’s name was mysteriously changed to Hornswoggle. (The guy’s real name Dylan Postl, and he starred as the Leprechaun in WWE Studios’ 2014 reboot. Fitting? We agree.) Look! The belt is as tall as he is!