3 Cool Bags For Guys Who Need A Cool Bag

Commuting to work? Hiking? Having a sleepover at your hooker’s love den, you need the right bag.

By ModernMan Editors

Nothing wrong with a guy who sports a beat-up Jansport backpack when he’s lugging books to and from class. But once school’s out for the summer and beyond, it’s a good idea to have a bag or two that’s reserved for specific activities.

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Why? For one, women notice these types of things. Your bag selection most likely won’t make or break her decision to have a drink or sleep with you — and if it does, head for the hills — but the more put together you are, the better you’ll come off.

Second, organizing your life translates to less stress. So whether you’re commuting to work, jamming camera gear into a tiny and pocketless duffel, or you simply want a brand new gym or overnight bag, these are great options …


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